Research grants

The DBIL members have obtained over $4 million research funding from the ARC and industry over the last 2 years (2018 onwards). Some externally funded projects are as follows.

  1. Longxiang Gao and Yong Xiang, Blockchain Enabled Al Driven E-Marking Platform, TopExcel Pty Ltd, 2020-2023
  2. Yong Xiang, Longxiang Gao, Jiong Jin, and Tom Luan, Privacy-preserving Fog information system in infrastructure-deficient environments, Linkage Projects 2019 (LP190100594), Australian Research Council, Australia, 2020-2023
  3. Longxiang Gao, William Yeoh, and Yong Xiang, Improving security and efficiency of educational supply chain system using blockchain technology, Ausmotive Group Pty Ltd, Australia, 2020-2023
  4. Longxiang Gao and William Yeoh, Improving Security and Authentication of National Authentication Systems using Blockchain Technology, Cyber Security CRC 2019
  5. Longxiang Gao and Yong Xiang, Continual Data Release Using Differential Privacy for Data Analysis, Cyber Security CRC 2019
  6. Yong Xiang and Longxiang Gao, Deakin Blockchain Innovation Lab Project, HealthChain Technology Pty Ltd, Australia, 2018-2021
  7. Longxiang Gao and Yong Xiang, Bot attack and defence in online social media using unsupervised machine learning, Sandstone Pty Ltd, Australia, 2018-2021
  8. Yong Xiang, Wanlei Zhou, Gleb Beliakov, and Longxiang Gao, Novel audio watermarking techniques for tracing multimedia piracy, ARC Linkage Projects (LP170100458), Australian Research council, Australia, 2018-2021
  9. Longxiang Gao, Business process Development, Information Management and Data Analytics for Performance Benchmarking, Aurecon, 2018
  10. Mohammad Reza Nosouhi, Shui Yu, and Yong Xiang, Customizable location privacy protection in social networks, Top-up Scholarship, Data61, Australia, 2017-2020
  11. Mike Tan, Yong Xiang, Bruce Hinton, Indivarie Ubhayaratne, and Bob Varela, Gap analysis of smart monitoring and data analytics for fuel infrastructural networks, Future Fuels CRC Ltd, Australia, 2019
  12. Yong Xiang and Longxiang Gao, Decision-making systems for developing and improving online games, Beijing Shandesitong Technology, China, 2018-2019
  13. Yong Xiang and Xuhui Zhang, Addressing data quality and sparseness for machine learning, Aurecon Group, Australia, 2018
  14. Yong Xiang, Longxiang Gao, and Atul Sajjanhar, Information oriented fog servers in national parks, Telematics Trust, Australia, 2017-2018
  15. Longxiang Gao and Yong Xiang, Developing a location aware fog computing prototype used on vehicles, Flag Explore, Australia, 2017-2018
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